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Adryana, Raissa and Leonardo

adryana-suzuki-with-leonardo-becker-and-raissa-pradoThe newest shemale idol post is outstanding. You got to watch the entire action cause these two shemale sluts are going to have a fantastic time fucking this guy right into his tight ass. You got to see the whole action, to enjoy each and every single one of these impressive scenes, cause they are spectacular. You got to see these two in action, shoving their huge cocks right into his ass.

One of them will grab his hips and push her giant tool there, into that stretched place, while the other one is going to shove her monster cock right into his mouth, pushing it there, so he could blow it with eagerness. Enjoy the following shemaleidol scenes and get ready to see what other things are about to happen right next with these three. I bet that there are lots of incredible things that you would like to see so make sure that you are ready to watch the whole thing. Enjoy the following thing and get ready to be impressed by this impressive threesome. You are going to see how they are switching places, in order to get pleased, all of them, not just to please the other ones.

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Shemale Idol – Angelina and Jacqueline

Another fresh week and we get to welcome you back to yet another hot shemale idol update. Over time we know that you have grown to adore the hotties here a lot and to commemorate that and as a special thank you to everyone, we want to show off the pair that will drive you crazy with their scene for the afternoon. The names of these two are Angelina and Jaqueline and they are all set to enjoy themselves for you. Jaque happens to be the shemale packing the stiff and big dick that was going to penetrate every hole that Angelina has and oh, rest assured that she loved every single second of the treatment today. So let those cameras roll without delay!


As their hot shemaleidol play session begins you get to watch the undressing, caressing and kissing that’s become a staple of the scenes here and when they take off their panties our two gorgeous ladies get on the blue leather couch to continue. Sit back and watch Angelina getting her pussy licked and teased some more until she gets to be dripping wet and ready for some hard cock. And at that moment you get to see Jaqueline sliding her hard cock in that dripping wet cunt. We hope you enjoy the view of Angelina moaning loudly with her legs spread open as she gets penetrated balls deep and do make sure to check out some of the other past updates here too!

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Eva Cassini and Jessy Dubai

Welcome back guys and gals, as you know, the shemale idol sire is dedicated to bring you more and more sexy shemales engaging in some passionate and steamy sex and this scene right here is proof of that as well. In this one we get to see the sizzling hot and sexy Jessy Dubai as she gets to work on a nice and tight ass this afternoon and that happens to belong to cute miss Eva Cassini which you also got to see around here in past updates. Well they get to spend the afternoon together and there’s no way you can pass up the chance to see the two beauties have a nice and long fuck fest with one another in front of the shemaleidol cameras.

Like all the babes here, the pair is sporting quite the kinky lingerie outfits and they sure to look incredibly hot in them. No worries, as they make sure to take ample time to parade their bodies around for you as well. They want to make sure that you get a superb view of their sexy curves from every angle and only after they get done with that do they move on. Well Eva was going to take that nice and big cock in her ass today so she got busy to make sure that Jessy’s cock was rock hard and lubed and ready to go. Then watch as she gets fucked balls deep from behind in her tight ass as she moans in pleasure too. Enjoy it and see you next time with a new scene!


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Shemale Idol – Eva and Venus

It’s that time of the week again and you know what that means. There’s more shemale idol goodness coming your way and you get to enjoy it without delay. In this scene we have another two trannies that were here previously and they are of course miss Eva and miss Venus. You know them both by now and what they like so you can bet that a scene with just the two of them was going to be the best thing you’d ever get to see. That’s why we paired them in the first place. Either way, it’s one simply delicious sight to see the two of them getting busy with one another and getting kinky and one can only hope that they will grace us in the future with more appearances.


Their scene takes place in the living room and you can watch the two making their entry first wearing some really sexy outfits. By now you know that all of these babes just adore to dress up for the occasion and they always look sizzling hot too. The theme for our two hotties today seemed to be fishnets and it really went well with their wild demeanor. Well, let’s get around to see them starting to have fun and Eva gets to bend over and starts to suck Venus’s cock with a passion while she fucks herself in the ass with a nice and big dildo. After that Venus went ahead and plowed her tight butt properly and both of them got to shoot their loads all over each other in the end!

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Francesca Le and Jessica Fox

Shemale idol makes another return in this new week with another new pair. And this time with have the luscious brunette tranny named Francesca Le and she gets to have some fun with a very dominant little brown haired babe that likes to take the reins in bed all the time and her name is Jessica Fox. She likes to get it on with trannies especially because she finds them just so cute and irresistible. Today miss Jessica sure had her way with little and pretty miss Francesca and what came out is one sizzling hot gallery full of hot images. So let’s not beat around the bush anymore to just get to see them in action for their superb scene!

To start off, Jessica was very turned on and ready to take advantage of Francesca as the brunette was wearing the prettiest dress. And on top of that she also had white thigh high stockings with a garter belt on too. Watch Jessica lay the brunette on her back and as she gets on top she starts to kiss her with a passion. She then makes her way lower to those perky round tits and kisses and sucks them too. And of course she moves even lower than that and takes the now rock hard cock in her mouth. Watch while she sucks Francesca off and see her pulling out a dildo which she also uses at the same time to fuck her nice and deep in the ass too!


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Shemale Idol – Katie and TS Foxxy

Another fresh week and time to check out another shemale idol pair that will leave you desiring more of both of them. One of them is a hot blonde babe with a record for having a kink for trannies named Katie and her partner in crime if you will for the afternoon named TS Foxxy. Foxxy as you can observe is a hot shemale with perky round tits that are always eager to play and on top of that she also has long and straight brunette hair. The two look incredible by themselves and on camera put together even more so. So let’s get this going as we bet that you guys and gals are also eager and curious to see what the two of them did together.


Foxxy also happens to be of Latino descent and you know what that means, she can get pretty fiery when fucking. Anyway, Katie was a perfect match for her and to start off, you get to see her pulling Foxxy’s panties aside to whip out that nice and thick cock. See her using her juicy lips to suck and deep throat that thick Latina cock to start off and then enjoy seeing the horny Katie take her spot on top of Foxxy’s cock. You can watch her take a ride like a true slut for the rest of the scene and at the end you get to see her cute face take a nice and big jizz load as well. Enjoy and see you next week as always with a brand new and fresh update everyone!

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Kendra Sinclaire and Nina Lawless

This week you guys get some more special treats from the shemale idol crew as you get more simply superb scenes to see. And once more we have two reccuring babes that get to play kinky and we’re sure that you will recognize on the spot. One of them is the always cute and kinky Kendra Sinclaire with her bright pink hair and the one playing with her in this scene is another truly amazing tranny. The blonde if you recall is called Nina Lawless and when she gets in bed, that name holds true as there’s not a single thing that she won’t do. We get to see the two beauties blow your minds with their scenes and rest assured each other as well without delay.

Our cute shemaleidol babes were both sporting metallic colored sets of bikinis, purple for Kendra and silver for Nina. And in addition to that, just sexy knee socks that matched the colors too. oh and hair bands as well. They are both looking just perfect and as soon as the cameras roll you can check out the two smoking hot shemales as they get to kiss and caress each other passionately as they play around. Well it seems that Kendra is more than willing to be on the receiving end today so you get to see her enjoying some thorough anal fucking delivered by the sexy Nina today. As usual, enjoy it and come by next time for another new and hot scene!


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Shemale Idol – Mandy and Kendra

Today is a special day as you will soon see. In this new and hot shemale idol update we have a sexy shemale that you got to see in the past and just like we said, she’s back again to show off some more of her passion in bed and she is joined by another cutie that was present here in past scenes. The tranny is none other than the babe with the bright colored hair named Kendra and she gets to play around with Mandy, that you got to see in our previous scene here. Well we brought them together to make some magic happen and rest assured that that’s exactly what they ended up doing in this simply exquisite scene.


The hot and sexy Kendra and her fuck buddy for the afternoon Mandy, got to work quick in this shemaleidol scene here and the sexy outfits that they were wearing were taken off quite quick. As much as Kendra enjoyed getting her hard cock sucked and slurped on by Mandy, she gave her pussy the same oral pleasing as well after that. But the two of them have more to do together than just eat pussy and suck cock. See Mandy as she gets to bend over and present her sexy ass for Kendra that goes in nice and deep accepting the offer. You get to watch Mandy moaning in pleasure as Kendra thoroughly fucks both her holes for the rest of the scene!

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Mandy Muse and Sienna Grace

Hey there once more everyone. It’s time to get to see some more sexy and hot shemale idol babes as they get kinky and wild. The horny babes this afternoon are Mandy Muse and Sienna Grace and they were just so eager to play too. The hotties get to do the deed for your enjoyment all afternoon long and you will be in for quite the sight with the two. They are super hot and super horny and as you will also see, they have some pretty amazing tastes when it comes to sexy clothing too. You get to see all that today and you just need to make sure that you don’t skip over a single image in their gallery as you’ll miss the best thing ever that can be seen.

The hot shemaleidol scene starts with the two in the bedroom sitting on the edge of the bed. And it’s not long until they start to kiss pasionately and start to undress one another. Also the babe is Mandy and the tranny is Sienna. Anyway, you can bed that kinky Mandy here was very much desiring to take a balls deep pounding from the hot Sienna. And after she gets to suck and slurp on that cock she presents her rear end for the fucking. Sienna wasted no time and just like we said, proceeds to go on and fuck her pussy and ass nice and deep with her big cock. We hope that you have your fun watching them play together and more will come soon!


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Shemale Idol – Mikky and Chanel

Hey there everyone! shemale idol is at it again and we want to bring you some more hot and sexy scenes that you will simply adore. In this new one we bring you something really sweet and delicious. That thing happens to be little miss Chanel here, and as you can clearly observe, she is one sizzling hot and sexy ebony shemale with a nice and big black cock. She wasn’t going to go at it alone for today though. You get to see miss Chanel as she gets to have some fun with an aide and the name of that cutie is Mikky. Mikky is a very cute blonde herself with bright green eyes and eager to help with any sexual thing that she can as well. So let’s watch the two of them play.


The two hotties are also sporting some really hot lingerie and you can see them parading it at the start of the scene too. Soon after that the two are eager to get to play with one another an you get to watch our chocolate beauty whip out her cock as the green eyed blonde starts to work it slowly with her tongue at first. After that she gets around to wrap her juicy lips around the black meat pole and suck it with a passion too. Chanel just adored the feel of those expert lips working her big hard cock and to thank the blonde she got around to plow that tight pussy and ass too later. Have fun with it and do come back next week for a new and fresh update!

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